Hi, I’m Gena, and I’m the gal behind Carrots & Cream. By night, I work in the corporate world living and working in the Pacific Northwest. By day, I am a girl trying to find her place as a woman, cooking, baking, making one delicious morsel at a time. I have been cooking and collecting recipes since I was 9 years old. I used to never miss East Meets West on PBS, and when The Food Network came into existence, I really found my niche and that food was something much more than just something you put in your mouth.

I’m starting this blog to share my love & passion for cooking and baking and creating a place to store all my recipes. The food here will be geared towards taking sinful fattening food & making it easier on your and my waist line. Sometimes, there will be a few sinful, unadulterated, buttery saturated goodness that may sneak through because, well, who doesn’t love a good cheesy sinful dish!

Hope you enjoy!

❤ G

**All photos taken by me, myself, & I unless specifically noted. If you wish to share my pictures, please contact me before hand.


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